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Quality Care Your Car Needs to Stay Fit and Safe

Get your car, truck, van or SUV serviced by our experienced mechanics to retain the desired performance and protect your personal safety. Whether it’s regular maintenance on your every day driver or reconditioning on grandpa’s classic car that you only take out on special occasions–you will get quality service at affordable prices from an auto shop you can rely on.

Every detail is one bar of the standard we aim to achieve. At Schultz Automotive Center, we focus on detailed and personalized care so your car can perform better on the road with every functionality in top gear. We offer full service for personal cars to big diesel fleets”.

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Service That Helps Your Car Perform Better

Fleet Service

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Are you stressed about losing money on frequent breakdowns or costly malfunctions?

If your fleet is an essential asset for your business. The better they perform, the more value they provide to your company. When your fleets are in good condition, you reduce downtime, meet safety regulations, and retain customers by providing excellent service.

But how do you ensure superior performance and zero downtime?
You trust the regular scheduled maintenance of your fleet to mechanics skilled in both diesel- and gas-powered engines.

Otherwise, skipping regular service risks frequent downtime, violating road safety compliance, and losing loyal customers.

Let us handle regular care for your fleet. We will ensure that you avoid the financial burden of frequent breakdowns and malfunctions. With us, your fleet becomes a top-performing asset for your business.

Oil Changes

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Want your car to run smoothly and retain superior engine life? You will need to take your car for frequent oil changes. Accumulating old oil can affect your car’s engine performance and mileage. You don’t want your car to drain your dollars every minute it’s on the road.

Why is a regular oil change so significant for your car?

Old oil is not a good lubricant for cushioning the friction between individual engine components. Inadequate lubrication will cause wear and damage to the working parts. With regular oil changes, you ensure your car engine performs better and for a long time too.
We all want our cars to be up to speed. But accumulating old oil affects mileage.

Our team not only changes the oil but also conducts a detailed car health inspection on your request to check for anything that needs attention. Visit Schultz Automotive Center for an oil change.

Tire alignment

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Your car’s tires can get misaligned due to minor accidents, hits, and more. Misaligned tires affect performance, comfort, and fuel efficiency. Proper alignment enhances tire durability, driving comfort, and fuel efficiency.

When you need to get your tires aligned, you want to know that you’re going to professionals who can get the job done right. At Schultz Automotive Center, we offer expert tire alignment services to ensure your tires are safe and ready for the road. Our experts know what it takes to properly align your tires to avoid any risks. Call us for more information.

Alignment setup